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Event Management & Marketing
Initial Campaigning and Corporate Identity
Product launching and brand campaigning
Media Coverage & Public Relations


A successful launch begins with planning; marketing efforts are carefully organized and recorded. A master plan or strategy is generated to make a Successful Product launched.

  • Strategies for taking your new or existing product to a new market.
  • How to re-launch your product within an existing market.
  • How to launch a new product within a highly saturated market.
  • How to define your market.
  • How to focus on the right activities when you’re at startup with limited resources.
  • Key decision processes in choosing the right strategy.
A Company logo placed a vital role in remembering the brand campaign. The unique look of Company logo should be integrated throughout all the elements of business material: business cards, stationery, packaging, signage, sales kits, media advertising, promotions, etc. A well-designed identity system lays out guidelines to ensure consistency. A distinctive Company logo stands out in people’s minds, and is much easier to remember than a name alone.

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